Delivery Tips: Have a Recommendation? Here’s how to Sell It.

When you’re making a recommendation, particularly to the executive team, you don’t have time to dilly dally. You need to get to your point, and fast. And, you need to do so in a way that influences.

This is often where we see our clients at a standstill. They have great ideas, but no clear strategy for how to share them.

The result is decision makers aren’t […]


If It’s January, It’s Conference Time!

While going to conferences can be an enjoyable experience, speaking at them can be riddled with nerves, overwhelm, and anticipation. But the big stage does not have to feel intimidating.

The key is to get comfortable with what is less familiar.

This means the best preparation it to get comfortable with…

Your story

This doesn’t mean sticking to or memorizing a complete script! Start by creating a high-level flow […]


How to Simplify Communicating a Complex Strategy

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and…strategy planning.

We know those two don’t necessarily mix but they both seem to be in abundance this time of year. We will assume you have the holiday cheer under control and will focus on how to best roll out your strategy plan so it engages the right action from your team.

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is […]