Organizing Content: The Season of Transitions

This time of year is the season of transitions: spring to summer, student to graduate, bud to flower, and more.

When it comes to presentations, every season is a transition season! Purposeful transition statements are critical for successful presentations. They are the bridges that tie your story together by linking concepts and ideas together and setting the audience up for what’s coming next.  When done well, […]


And Your Point Is?

A recent study found about 75% of audiences check out in the first 60 seconds. Your window for engagement is small – by all means, get to the point.

Part of getting to the point is letting audiences know what you want them to do. While presenters often do this, more often than not, they do it at the end of their talk. We would suggest […]


Cut to the Core (Message)

For the past 40 years, February has been formally designated as Black History Month by every sitting U.S. president. While countless Americans of every color sacrificed greatly for equality, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is arguably the most iconic figure of the civil rights movement.

His prominence was due, in part, to exceptional oratory skills and an innate ability to get to the essence of a […]