Using Visual Aids: From Chalkboards to Slide Decks

When mechanical pencils, crayons, and composition books start popping up at local stores, back-to-school season is here.  During my own grade school career, multi-media meant chalkboards and paper handouts.  Today, slide decks have replaced chalkboards, and mimeograph ink is a distant memory.

While tools change, the benefits of multi-media learning hold true. These researched-backed, multi-media learning principles can help any […]


Dust Off the Flip Chart – 5 Quick Tips

Newer isn’t always better. While there’s a time and place for that rock star slide deck, sometimes old school flip charts are where it’s at. Have some trepidation around integrating high-tech and low-tech? Here are 5 quick tips to address the most common obstacles to using flip charts or whiteboards.

1. I don’t know when I should use them. Where do we begin? To share one […]


Up Your Visual Game in 2016

With much respect to Mr. Benjamin Franklin, we believe there are more than just 2 certainties in life. Take PowerPoint, for example. Microsoft has estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made daily. At any given moment, there are countless audience members suffering silently through uninspired slide decks. You don’t have to be that presenter.

Our strategic 3-step process can help you design persuasive slides and up […]