Gain Access to HCPs and Provide Value in Limited Time



Sales Representatives from a well-established, leading biotech company were able to apply what they learned from 2Connect’s training to achieve better results from their calls with Healthcare Providers.

  • I had a lunch with a new group and didn’t oversell. I only presented three things, and got three patients! – Past Participant
  • Three of my team members have already shared success stories that resulted from putting into practice the things that they learned from this workshop – Division Manager


Client Challenge

Like many pharmaceutical and biotech companies, this organization’s sales force is facing decreasing access to Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and limited time when they do get access. Yet they still need to achieve results from their calls. Their objectives are to:

  • Make the most of every interaction, particularly where access has been limited
  • Provide more value in a shorter time frame
  • Deliver information effectively in challenging environments (in hallways, constant distractions and limited attention spans)
  • Make their message stand out amongst a growing list of competitors
  • Be compliant in all messaging

2Connect’s Solution

Create and deliver a one-day Concise Clinical Communication training program. This hands-on program provides Sales Representatives the opportunity to practice calls in a small-group setting, be videotaped, and receive feedback and coaching. The program focuses on helping Sales Representatives:

  • Tailor messages to the purpose and needs of each HCP
  • Package and share clinical data in a concise and compelling manner
  • Be deliberate whether given 30 seconds or 5 minutes to get a message across
  • Effectively incorporate sales aids to enhance, not distract, from their message

Client Results

To date, this program has been rolled out to nearly 400 Sales Representatives, representing 18 different brands in the organization. Sales Representatives continue to share results they hadn’t previously been able to achieve with their HCPs. They more consistently:

  • Gain access due to providing more value during their calls
  • Increase the amount of time they get during those calls
  • See an enhanced impact from their calls (HCPs starting new patient on therapy, giving Sales Representatives more time to share additional data, etc.)

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