Develop Leaders that Present to Influence



2Connect worked with a global firm that provides lab equipment, research tools and diagnostic solutions to the healthcare and science communities.  Through targeted training, senior leaders are now able to more effectively turn their data-heavy, and often scientific, content into clear and compelling presentations.

  • The best presentation training I’ve ever had.
  • You will change the way your information is received and see it have impact in $.
  • Absolutely brilliant. I wish I had attended many years ago.
  • If you do one thing, do this course – you may feel anxious before it but it is so worth attending.  The difference is amazing. Gives you the structure you need.


Client Challenge

Senior leaders, who were increasingly delivering presentations to different levels of the organization, were challenged to effectively communicate clear and relevant messages from their data.  Their presentations were:

  • Overwhelming their audiences with too much data
  • Lacking purpose and wasting time
  • Causing them to lose, instead of leverage, opportunities with executives, their teams and customers

2Connect’s Solution

Engage leaders in 2Connect’s two-day Present to Influence program. This program focuses on helping leaders enhance their effectiveness in front of any audience and in a variety of settings. Key training objectives are to:

  • Create clear and compelling, audience-focused presentations
  • Make data tell a story
  • Influence with or without PowerPoint
  • Deliver with executive presence
  • Successfully navigate presentations that don’t go as planned (time gets cut short, technology fails, an executive wants an impromptu 2-minute summary)

Client Results

Program has been rolled out to over 100 leaders globally with an average program rating of 9.4 out of 10. Past participants are now able to more confidently:

  • Package content to deliver clear and compelling messages
  • Engage their direct reports and boards of directors
  • Strategically distill clear and relevant messages from data-heavy content
  • Determine when and how to incorporate visuals aids effectively
  • Respond with clarity and impact even in challenging situations

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