2Connect Client Testimonials

“This is the best and most practical presentation skills training I have participated in, and I have a dozen under my belt. Do it!”

– Sales leader, Global Biotech Company

“This was one of the best training courses I have attended in my 20 years in the pharma/biotech industry …the peer and instructor coaching was invaluable. I learned so much in one day, and started putting it to great use right away.”

– Executive, Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company

“I’ve had a few speaking courses in my day, and this was hands down the best! It touched on everything one needs to know when presenting!”

– Executive, TV Network

“The results of your training speak for itself. Not only did we win the project that we presented for, which at $18 million, was the largest project that we had ever been awarded, but two weeks later we were required to give another presentation with only a short time to prepare. Using the skills that we had just learned in our training, we were able to put together a presentation in just a few days. The results were the same, we were successful and were awarded a $1.8 million project. Needless to say I am a big fan of 2Connect and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Founder and CEO, National Construction Company

“Well, they just made me a Vice President …and I couldn’t have done it without you …how’s that for an endorsement?  Thanks, and stay in touch.”

– Executive, Global Defense and Security Company

“I had two standing ovations. I couldn’t leave the room after the speech for an hour. I was deluged by what appeared to be hundreds of people wanting to congratulate me. Everyone who came up to me said that my remarks were the best speech they had heard in the 20 year history of this event.”

– Founder and Principal, Life Sciences Venture Capital Firm and Research Institution

“Your session has been a valuable experience – one of the best classes I have taken in my 22 year career here.”

– Executive, Advanced Electrical, Wireless, and Laser Technology Company

“My future presentations will be drastically more powerful due to your class. The entire class expressed similar feelings.”

– Executive, Fortune 500 Medical Device Company

“This workshop is immensely helpful; the tips are unmatchable and valuable beyond anything ‘written’ that could be provided. This is the most I’ve received out of a one-day training in a long time.”

– Senior Vice President, Financial Services Company

“My presentation went great. We were awarded another contract worth approximately $500,000.”

– Executive, Government Contractor

“Across the board, the most beneficial training session I’ve ever attended.”

– Executive, National Cosmeceutical Company

“Your class was one of the best and most pertinent I’ve ever attended. So many light bulbs went on in my head, I’m still trying to process all the valuable insights I acquired.”

– QA Specialist, Pharmaceutical Company

“You are truly amazing. I could not have done what I did without your help. You are so right about what you preach regarding the structure and content of an effective speech. I have now experienced your magic first hand, twice in a row, and can see how the audience reacts. I don’t think I will ever give a presentation without consulting you first.”

– Executive, Biotech Industry