Why 2Connect?

We are focused

You deserve the depth of experience that comes from our specializing in one field, and doing it well. Companies engage 2Connect to help them develop better presenters because that’s all we do. And we excel at it. If you are seeking project management or time management training, we aren’t your team.

We understand business

A well-delivered presentation means little to executives unless it relates to the strategic needs of the business. A scientific presentation should be positioned differently, depending on whether it’s presented at a scientific conference or a business meeting. That’s business. We get it.

We know your audience

In order to present well, it’s essential to understand the needs of the audience. Our data tells us the three things that audiences most want. They want a story. They don’t want information overload. And they want to relate to the speaker more than to the visuals. That includes PowerPoint, which should be kept in check. Our job? To help you meet the needs of your audience.

The 2Connect Team