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Enunciation Techniques for ESL Speakers

We have been doing more work in Shanghai, and through our travels have been reminded of the value of helping English as a Second Language (ESL) presenters with effective enunciation techniques.

We wanted to share these techniques with any of you who also present with English as a second language. The key to these techniques is to exaggerate when you practice.

Enunciation Techniques for ESL Speakers:

Open your mouth:

English has […]


Specific Presentations: Join – “Present to Influence” – July 26, 2018

Summer is in full swing. For us at 2Connect this means summer school is in session, and enrollment is open for our Present to Influence course.

This course may be just what you are looking for, if you…

Get nervous before a talk
Want tips for how to make a message stick for your audience
Are curious about how to apply 2Connect’s well-established strategies to your next presentation

Join us […]


Delivery Tips: Guest Speakers will Love You if…

Graduation time is upon us! This year, more than 20,000 commencement speeches will be delivered to high school and college graduates. While many focus on the actual speeches, here at 2Connect we also focus on something else – the introductions. Most of us will not speak at a graduation, but many of us will introduce speakers.

Whether you’re introducing a speaker at national conference or at your […]


How Surfing Can Help Your Presentation

Summer is approaching, and like our Trainers, you may be eager to hit the waves. But before you grab your surfboard and venture into the ocean, here’s a question for you:

What do surfing and presenting have in common?

The position of your feet matter.

For surfing, this means making sure your feet are centered along the width of the board, allowing you to maneuver and ride the […]