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From Chalkboards to Slide Decks

When mechanical pencils, crayons, and composition books start popping up at local stores, back-to-school season is here.  During my own grade school career, multi-media meant chalkboards and paper handouts.  Today, slide decks have replaced chalkboards, and mimeograph ink is a distant memory.

While tools change, the benefits of multi-media learning hold true. These researched-backed, multi-media learning principles can help any […]


Delivery Tips: Keeping Your Cool

Summer is here! And we all know what to do when it gets hot – hit the beach, crank the A/C, stock the freezer with ice cold treats…But when an important presentation is making your temperature rise, how can you keep your cool?

Talk with individuals in advance – chatting with attendees before taking the mic helps you feel connected to the audience, and allows you to […]


Specific Presentations: What All Presenters can Learn this Summer

It’s summertime, which for many of us means more time communicating with children. Here at 2Connect, we also see it as a time to practice what many presenters could be doing more of in business – simplifying their content so even children could understand it!

Think your content is too complex to do that? In the video below, Neville Sanjana, Biologist at New York University and […]


What we can all learn from Graduation Season

It’s that time of year when proud family members and friends fill the sea of folding chairs, use program fans to fight the scorching sun, and hope the commencement speaker ignites inspiration, not watch-checking.  If this will be you, let’s hope the speaker includes a few of the critical elements that spark action in any presentation:

Theme – Does the speech have a clear and compelling subject, […]