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Managing the Q&A

It’s official – the winter holidays are around the corner.

‘Tis the season when many of us gather to break bread with extended family. I’ve been to family holiday gatherings from 4 to 45 guests. It seems no matter the group size, the relatives are always prepared with enough questions to last through the final eggnog toast.

Here are some tips for managing the Q&A – whether coming […]


Delivery Tips: What Presenters can Learn from Goldfish

Our attention span has fallen to 8 seconds,  according to studies cited by Microsoft Canada. Goldfish reportedly have a longer attention span than us! So, what does this mean for your next presentation? Every second counts.

Here are two tips to hook your audience quickly:

Engage them from the start.

Don’t waste your early seconds with a dull “I am pleased to be here today to talk about […]


Using Visual Aids: From Chalkboards to Slide Decks

When mechanical pencils, crayons, and composition books start popping up at local stores, back-to-school season is here.  During my own grade school career, multi-media meant chalkboards and paper handouts.  Today, slide decks have replaced chalkboards, and mimeograph ink is a distant memory.

While tools change, the benefits of multi-media learning hold true. These researched-backed, multi-media learning principles can help any […]


Keeping Your Cool

Summer is here! And we all know what to do when it gets hot – hit the beach, crank the A/C, stock the freezer with ice cold treats…But when an important presentation is making your temperature rise, how can you keep your cool?

Talk with individuals in advance – chatting with attendees before taking the mic helps you feel connected to the audience, and allows you to […]