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4 Strategies to Ensure Your Presentation to Executives is Top Notch

Presenting to leaders or executives is challenging. But you would never know it from the newest member of our team. As part of the interview process for the Training and Development Specialist role, we asked candidates to deliver a 15-minute presentation to our leadership team on a topic of their choosing. We knew Lisa Philyaw was our pick when she flawlessly executed on what we […]


Delivery Tips: 3 Strategies to Bring Good Luck to any Presentation

It’s not luck that turns the Chicago River green each year on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day – it’s a crew of 6 people, 2 boats, 3 flour sifters and 40 pounds of environmentally-friendly orange powder.

As Benjamin Franklin noted, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.”

Whether dyeing the Chicago River or preparing your next presentation, the right kind of  planning gets you closer to […]


Outcome-Based Facilitation – it starts with WHY

Children ask an average of 300 questions each day.  When those kids eventually trade their backpack for a briefcase and lunchroom for boardroom, they remain curious – it’s how people are wired.

Human nature leads all of us to wonder WHY.  Focusing on those WHYs is one of the foundational skills that sets standout facilitators apart.  Why? Because it keeps facilitators, and participants, focused on the […]


Will You Stand Out or Get Lost?

After the ball dropped in Times Square, did you craft a list of New Year’s resolutions, or did you skip the practice given how rarely they stick?

Whether you welcomed 2018 with, or sans, resolutions, we all have something in common. As soon as the winter holidays pass, our calendars fill up with meetings and conferences. While you may have several talks to prepare for – […]