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Use these 3 Secrets to Improve your Facilitation Skills

It has been estimated that people spend approximately 2-3 days of their work week in meetings. That is a lot of time and dollars!

How can you set those meetings up for success and ensure that you lead meaningful, outcome-focused discussion?

The key is to be an effective facilitator. 

Our previous newsletter offered proven tips to make your meetings more effective. But if you are looking for a […]


Presentation Skills Training for Your Remote Team

The world of work is changing.

More and more teams are dispersed geographically
Telecommuting is the norm
Plane flights are as common as daily driving commutes

2Connect’s training programs are also changing to better meet this evolving landscape.

If there is a need to up the presentation game of your remote team, 2Connect has a program for you. Our flagship program, Present to Influence, delivered in a virtual setting.

You […]


Meetings not Efficient? Tips for every meeting facilitator

With leaders spending nearly 23 hours every week in meetings, frustration levels are high if those meetings aren’t efficient or productive. If you facilitate meetings, here are a few tips to keep your meetings moving in the right direction.

Before the meeting…

Confirm a meeting is needed – Is a meeting the best way to accomplish the task? Is your weekly standing meeting still achieving its objective? Don’t […]


Enunciation Techniques for ESL Speakers

We have been doing more work in Shanghai, and through our travels have been reminded of the value of helping English as a Second Language (ESL) presenters with effective enunciation techniques.

We wanted to share these techniques with any of you who also present with English as a second language. The key to these techniques is to exaggerate when you practice.

Enunciation Techniques for ESL Speakers:

Open your mouth:

English has […]