Concise Clinical Communication


Our Concise Clinical Communication program enhances sales representatives’ ability to lead concise and compelling clinical discussions with healthcare providers.


One Day

Objectives of Training

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the three key strategies to connect with any audience
  • Assess the unique needs of each HealthCare Provider (HCP)
  • Develop a clinical message directly linked to the purpose and needs of each HCP
  • Package clinical data in a concise and compelling manner
  • Open and close with impact
  • Be deliberate whether given 30 seconds or 5 minutes to get a message across
  • Incorporate delivery skills to enhance their message and credibility


Participants will:

  • Practice three times in front of group with structured feedback
  • Be video recorded
  • Receive one-one-one coaching watching video
  • Get to apply concepts and re-deliver presentation with feedback

Client Feedback

This will make you a much more effective sales specialist.

Can really help sales reps organize and structure their sales presentations.