Deliver from the Tablet Like a Pro

Tablet technology has revolutionized presentations—for the better and for the worse. This cutting edge technology presentation training will help you hit the mark.


One Day

Objectives of Training

Our Deliver from the Tablet Like a Pro program prepares participants to deliver memorable and effective presentations, using tablet technology with ease.

By the end of this training, they will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the three key strategies to connect with any audience
  • Assess the unique needs of each audience
  • Structure and pre-plan an audience-focused presentation
  • Transition effectively between topics, pages, and slides
  • Use tablet technology without letting it become a barrier between them and their audience
  • Manage and deliver from the tablet with ease and confidence


Participants will:

  • Practice two times in front of a group with structured feedback
  • Receive one-on-one coaching
  • Get to apply concepts and initial feedback to refine their presentation, re-present and receive feedback

Client Feedback

The workshop forces you to think on your feet and present. This is more real life for our jobs.

This will definitely help you feel more comfortable with the tablet!

Great instructors, great content, great practice, great feedback.

The Tablet Presenter’s Secret Weapon

Tablet technology can quickly become a barrier between the presenter and the audience.  With that in mind, we have partnered with Dr. Paul Webber, the inventor of the BakBone Tablet Ring—the only device on the market that turns your tablet into a true wearable and unobtrusive presentation device.

The video below previews the BakBone Tablet Ring and shows you how to install yours.