Present and Connect Virtually


Our Present and Connect Virtually program provides participants strategies to engage and maintain a commanding presence virtually, from webinar to smart phone.


Half-day webinar

Program Objectives

In this virtually-delivered, hands-on training, participants will learn the secrets behind effective virtual presentations…

  • From how to manage the meeting
  • To how to engage in a virtual setting
  • To how to design and use high-impact visual aids specific to virtual presentations

This program is customized for your industry and audience.  We examine the types of presentations you deliver and the ideal results you are looking for to ensure the program agenda will give participants maximum results.


Participants will:

  • Experience the concepts modeled in a real virtual environment
  • Practice various aspects of their presentations in a virtual setting
  • Get to apply concepts and receive group and instructor feedback

Client Feedback

If you deliver presentation using any sort of remote delivery, this is an excellent class, even if you have been doing it for a long time. I didn’t touch my email or phone the entire time so your engagement worked well!

A great program. Delivery and materials were very interesting, informative and energetic – didn’t feel like I was attending a remote Webex training for 4 hours.