2Connect’s Open Enrollment Programs

2connectgroup_120-jimWould you or your team like to participate in our training programs, but you aren’t able to bring us in-house? Not to worry. You or your team members can sign up for our upcoming open enrollment programs.

We have several options available, depending on your presentation goals:

1.) Facilitate with Impact

For those who facilitate training sessions or meetings, and would like to build their facilitation skills. Training includes how to engage participants and guide discussions to make trainings and meetings more effective.
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2.) Communicate with Purpose

For those who would like to have more impact in their formal and informal communications. We will cover two frameworks, one for day-to-day communications and one for presentations involving a decision.
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3.) Present to Influence

For those who deliver formal presentations or PowerPoint presentations, and would like to practice and receive feedback on their message, slides, and delivery. Includes strategies to structure compelling messages and deliver with confidence.
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2Connect San Diego Office – Registration is now open for the following programs:

Facilitate with Impact  –  Register HERE

Do you lead trainings or meetings in which conversations frequently go off track? Or perhaps the same people won’t stop talking while everyone remains eerily silent?Do the questions you pose to spark conversation often go unanswered?

2Connect’s Facilitate with Impact  is designed to address all of these scenarios and will help you to up your facilitation game.

This program is filled with practice and feedback to help presenters hone their facilitation skills to better engage their audiences and drive towards results. With practice, feedback and coaching, participants learn how to engage audiences, manage participation, lead discussions and transfer knowledge. The end result? Trainings and meetings facilitated with confidence.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between facilitating and presenting
  • Apply the three fundamental strategies for effective facilitation
  • Turn a “one-way” communication into a “two-way” interactive experience
  • Manage participation
  • Set up trainings and meetings with purpose
  • Ask purposeful, application-driven questions
  • Incorporate delivery skills to enhance facilitation

Where: 2Connect San Diego office

When: December 18, 2018 – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Pricing: $800.00 per person, lunch included. Please email Lisa at lphilyaw@twoconnect.net if you have any dietary restrictions.

Register HERE

To allow for an interactive session focused on participant needs, spaces are limited. Please sign up now to guarantee your spot!

Questions? Please email Lisa Philyaw at lphilyaw@twoconnect.net or call 858-638-7544. She is happy to talk through whether Facilitate with Impact is the right fit for your objectives.