The 2Connect Effect

Presentation training that isn’t like swallowing medicine.

2Connect’s programs often leave participants feeling surprised and delighted. Why? Because something they anticipated as being tedious, somewhat threatening, and a chore, turned out to be practical, energizing and yes, fun!

Here’s what participants consistently say about their experience in our programs:

  • They see immediate results
  • They benefit regardless of how experienced they are
  • They discover they can “be themselves” and still deliver a successful presentation
  • They value our focus on how to structure a compelling message. This is beyond
    simply learning what to do with their hands and feet
  • They acquire practical tips they can use long into the future
  • They gain confidence…immediately
  • They appreciate the small group format and hands-on approach
  • They improve from the one-on-one coaching
  • They relax in a safe, fun, and professional environment
  • They’re confident that their time is well-spent

Here’s what participants have to say about working with the 2Connect team: 

  • It’s obvious that we care
  • Our program is customized for them
  • We speak their language
  • We understand business – their business
  • We create a safe environment
  • We provide practical and effective tools for creating future presentations
  • We are flexible.  We adapt to their needs and circumstances.
  • We are direct, honest, and graceful with feedback