Persuasive PowerPoint Presentations


2Connect’s Persuasive PowerPoint Presentations program helps participants hit the mark with their PowerPoint presentations by ensuring their visuals are telling the right story given the purpose of the presentation and the needs of the audience.

Our focus in this session is three-fold:

  1. Create a laser focus on the role of the audience in any presentation
  2. Help participants discover the story behind their content
  3. Guide participants to design and craft high-impact visuals that support their story


One Day

Objectives of Training

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Package a message so that it communicates a compelling story
  • Simplify and design high-impact PowerPoint slides so they enhance the presentation storyline
  • Design and craft a persuasive, high-impact presentation that tells a compelling story through the presenter’s narrative and PowerPoint visual story
  • Incorporate their visual narrative with their verbal narrative seamlessly


Participants will:

  • Work on clarifying the purpose and structure of an upcoming presentation
  • Develop a storyline to guide design of high-impact visuals
  • Design slides with guided coaching
  • Practice portion of presentation with structured feedback (video recorded)

Client Feedback 

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