Public Workshops

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Connecting with your audience is an important skill to master. Even if your company doesn't offer presentation development, you can still receive great training in our public workshops.

We'll pair you with other participants that are eager to learn and ready to practice their new-found presentation skills in a safe, fun, nurturing environment.

Public Workshops

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    • Tue

      Present to Influence

      08:00am to 4:30 pm

      Ensure your message is being heard. This small group, hands-on workshop provides a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills and ensure that you and your message stand out.

      San Diego, CA
    • Tue

      Communicate with Purpose

      08:00am to 5:00 pm

      In an increasingly noisy landscape, it is critically important that information is shared in a way that is clearly heard, and well understood so that action can be taken. Whether presenting to senior leadership or having 1:1 meetings with a key stakeholder, it is imperative that you express yourself clearly, and can guide conversations towards a recommended action or decision.

      San Diego, CA

    Before the 2Connect training I used to get nervous and speak fast during the opening. Now, I actually enjoy preparing my story, creating my slides, and even presenting in front of others! I have totally changed the way I prepare my presentations.

    I build my story first and think of which slides can support it. My slides present the data in a simplified way, so the conclusion is easily understood. Miraculously, I don’t get nervous any longer! I have also received positive feedback from my managers and executives. I totally recommend 2Connect’s programs.

    Marta Gutierrez MSc
    Staff Program Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific