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my story

As 2Connect’s resident matchmaker, I use my role as the Global Director of Training to partner expert trainers with specific client programs, ensuring that clients get the most out of their training to achieve their business and development goals. My years of expertise in staff development and organizational management for online startups nurtured my skills as a strong communicator known for my inclusive leadership style, personable demeanor and uncanny ability to craft effective messages for unique audiences. Clients appreciate my positive, caring, can-do attitude, which helps them stay focused and calm.


Favorite city your work with 2Connect has taken you?

Portland Oregon!  Always a blast exploring the city.

Tell a story about something that makes you laugh.

Diane went to England and lost her “fanny pack” – hilariousness ensues

What is your favorite food?

Mezzogiorno – a pasta dish from southern Italy that my family makes a lot.

If you weren’t a training professional, what would you be?

An operations ninja