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How to Connect with the Right Program:

  • Picking the right program comes down to your participant’s needs and the program objectives.
  • You can take a look at our program page to learn more about which program may be the best fit.
  • When in doubt, give us a call. We are here to help ensure that we create a program that is both engaging for your participants, while also achieving the objectives you have in mind.

Contact us!

We understand that your team may have unique needs that go beyond our listed programs. Give us a call and we can talk through what would work best for your needs. We are very committed to letting you know what we can…and can’t…do.

The first step is an initial consultation call where we learn about your needs and talk through what program may be the best fit.

No two engagements are alike, but typical next steps include:

  • 2Connect designs and shares initial, high-level program outline for your team based on needs and desired objectives
  • Discuss any adjustments to be made to program, if any
  • Program finalized and delivered 
  • 2Connect excels at creating customized programs, which is key to the success of each program. We gather insight about your participant’s specific presentation landscape so that our trainers know the context of your participant’s presentation. Our trainers can then help participants apply 2Connect’s strategies and tools to their real-world content, so that they walk out with a deeper understanding of how to use the tools.

We determine the right trainer by making sure there is a fit in:

  • Style
  • Culture
  • Previous similar experience and expertise

Yes and here’s how…

  • Gather insight about the specific product or purpose for the meeting that participants are preparing for (as applicable) so we can offer custom examples
  • Refine specific modules to be covered based on unique needs of participants
  • Have participants practice content that is relevant to their industry

For larger sessions that will involve multiple trainers, we recommend booking 6 weeks in advance. However, many of our clients reach out to us with just in time needs to address.

We offer courses that you can enroll in on an individual basis throughout the year.

Visit our Public Workshops’ page to see our current schedule and register for a course.

What We Do:

Yes! If preferred, we can schedule sessions  at our headquarters in San Diego. This is dependent on session size and your location preference.

Yes! We travel globally and love supporting our international clients and participants.

We offer participants tips that anyone can apply to their own deck for some quick, immediate improvements to slide design. This includes sharing what makes a slide effective in enhancing their message, and what detracts from their message.

We often talk through specific slides in their presentation to help the tips we share come to life, but we don’t do the design work for them.

By pairing their own expertise on the subject matter with our quick anyone-can-do-it slide tips, participants can quickly and easily create visuals that enhance their message (instead of complicating or diluting it).


Tailoring our existing programs to incorporate company specific language and examples is no charge.

We do charge a customization fee for alterations to the program. The fee depends on the extent of customization needed.

Yes and we would love to speak with you about it. Improving presentation skills can be made that much more effective when a company does it large scale. Let us help you shift your presentation culture.


This is the best and most practical presentation skills training I have participated in, and I have a dozen under my belt

Sales Leader
Global Biotech Company