Customized support in a
one-on-one setting.

Connect with confidence.

Our custom coaching programs are designed around your unique needs. Each program offers opportunities for practice and individualized feedback to elevate your communication.


With 2Connect’s in-person coaching services, you get to practice delivering your message, be video recorded, and receive immediate, customized feedback. 

  • Receiving comprehensive feedback on content and delivery
  • Presentation teams or individuals preparing for high-stakes presentations
  • Ongoing career development
  • Onsite coaching for multiple employees


Our skilled, personable coaches will customize your virtual experience so you’ll never know we’re miles away.

  • Coaching on content, message structure, and visual aids
  • Follow-up support to training sessions
  • On-demand coaching needs
  • International clients


Have the best of both worlds when we design a program that combines the benefits of in-person coaching with remote support. Get the coaching you want, when you want. 

  • Ongoing professional development
  • Follow-up support to training sessions
  • Fine-tuning communication skills through multiple touch points, feedback, and support

Well, it’s all over, and I can’t believe it. I had two standing ovations. I couldn’t leave the room after the speech for an hour. I was deluged by what appeared to be hundreds of people wanting to congratulate me. EVERYONE who came up to me said that my remarks were the best speech they had heard in the 20-year history of the organization. Everyone. I just can’t believe it. Everyone said how on-point my message was, how inspiring it was to the students and audience, and how my speech could be the poster speech for the National organization.

You are truly amazing. I could not have done what I did without your help. You are so right about what you preach regarding the structure and content of an effective presentation. I have now experienced your magic first hand, twice in a row and can see how the audience reacts. I don’t think I will ever give a speech without consulting you first.

Ivor Royston
President & CEO, Viracta Therapeutics, Inc.

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