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Clinical Communication Programs

Listeners tune out when they are inundated with clinical data, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
We’ll provide you a toolbox to package your information so it’s digestible and impactful.

Information that’s both compelling and compliant.

We understand that your clinical presentations need to be comprehensive and compliant. Your audience wants something they can understand and relate to.
We can help you do it all.

Through our specialized courses, we help participants from the life sciences and medical industries structure their
data-heavy, clinical information. You’ll learn to deliver a concise, compelling message that connects with the needs of your audience.

You guys are always great! Your team continues to deliver beyond expectations. And this enables our employees to exceed expectations. I appreciate the value that 2Connect continues to provide for Genomic Health.

Kevin Pittman
Director of Commercial Learning, Precision Oncology
Exact Sciences

Clinical Communication program options


Small groups of 5 participants get individualized feedback from peers and a dedicated 2Connect coach. Programs include opportunities to practice real-world presentations or sales calls, be video recorded, and apply what you learn in real-time.

Focuses on communicating clinical information clearly and concisely, whether to HCPs, patients, or internally

Introduces the fundamentals of conveying clinical content in a compelling manner


Do you have a large group of sales representatives coming together? Are you hosting a speaker training for physicians? Large-group programs create an opportunity to introduce concepts to more participants and get everyone on the same page.

Introduces the fundamentals of conveying clinical content in a compelling manner

Focuses on one key aspect of concise clinical communication

Focuses on how to communicate data-heavy content in a clear and compelling manner


Want a small-group program but have a  team working remotely? Or perhaps you want a series of custom webinars for your larger team? If so, then our virtual format is here for you.

Best of our small group program in-person program, but delivered in the convenience of a remote format

Geared for large groups; focuses on key aspects of concise clinical communication

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