Coach your Presenter to Presentation Success

At 2Connect, we’ve helped thousands of professionals better their own presentation skills. We’ve also helped hundreds of professionals to coach their team members, peers, and highly esteemed colleagues to do the same.

If you are working with someone who could use some presentation support, consider the coaching principles below. They will help your feedback be heard AND acted upon. 

Feedback is a gift, be thoughtful how you wrap it.

Ask, don’t tell

People engage when they are part of the solution. This means asking your presenters questions to help them identify their own strengths and development areas. Be sure to fully listen to what they have to say.

Balance your feedback

When developing skills, presenters build confidence when they know what they should keep doing along with where they need to adjust. Highlight 3 to 4 strengths along with 1 or 2 areas where they can improve.

Be specific

Saying, “You did a really great job” doesn’t help a presenter know what to keep doing. Specific feedback does. “When you asked those open-ended questions in the opening, you really engaged the audience well”.

Be focused

Presenters can only absorb, and meaningfully act on, 1 or 2 skill areas at a time. Prioritize the needs and focus your feedback.

Use inclusive language

Consider when to say “we” vs. “you”, particularly when you are providing peer-to-peer coaching. “When we present to leaders, it can be helpful to…” can resonate more than “When you present to leaders, it can be helpful to…”.

If you want to help a colleague up their presentation game, consider the coaching principles above.  Then you can both rock your next presentation.

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