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my story

Authentic, caring and attentive–these are the characteristics I strive to embody as president and founder of 2Connect. I truly love hearing our clients’ stories and thrive on guiding them to present their stories in engaging and meaningful ways. I want our clients to feel valued and empowered on their journey to becoming the best presenters in their industry. With thirty years of training experience, and the last twenty focused exclusively on presentation coaching and training, I know our clients are getting the depth of experience I would expect from a trusted advisor. I am fortunate to work with a world-class team that creates, manages and delivers the most comprehensive presentation skills trainings around. My passion for what we do, combined our team’s depth of experience creates amazing opportunities for us to partner with companies such as Baker McKenzie, Johnson & Johnson, The Food Network, Genentech,  and many more.



Tell a story about something that makes you laugh.

My friend Paul’s theory of atomic relationships.  He believes we are all either neutrons, protons or electrons and that impacts our relationships with others. Hilarious AND it has some merit!

What is your hidden talent?

Parallel parking.

What is your favorite food?

Italian—or it might be the red wine that goes with it.

If you weren’t a training professional, what would you be?

A singer—but I can’t sing.