Join us! Present to Influence – July 26, 2018

Summer is in full swing. For us at 2Connect this means summer school is in session, and enrollment is open for our Present to Influence course.

This course may be just what you are looking for, if you…

  • Get nervous before a talk
  • Want tips for how to make a message stick for your audience
  • Are curious about how to apply 2Connect’s well-established strategies to your next presentation

Join us on July 26 in San Diego for our small group, hands-on Present to Influence workshop. This course is not a lecture. It’s a place for you to practice your skills, apply new models and approaches, and receive feedback on how it’s working for you in a safe environment.

After the full-day class has concluded, you will leave feeling more confident and ready to:

  • Apply three key strategies to connect with any audience
  • Develop audience-focused, purpose-driven presentations
  • Open and close with impact
  • Package content to communicate a compelling story
  • Apply guidelines to incorporate PowerPoint effectively
  • Incorporate delivery skills to enhance their message and credibility

Intrigued? Or just looking for a great excuse to head over to beautiful San Diego this summer?

Click this link to learn more about 2Connect’s public workshops.

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