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my story

As a Senior Trainer at 2Connect, I totally get executives. I bring extensive experience working with CEOs, Senior Managers and executive teams to help our clients increase their leadership skills. Between my previous career in sales and marketing to my time as adjunct faculty at Portland State University’s School of Business, I’ve learned what it takes to help executives succeed, take their businesses to the next level and achieve results. In addition to my position at 2Connect, I am also a Senior Trainer for Vistage Learning and Development and am a certified consultant/trainer for Fierce Conversations and PREP Profile Systems.


Favorite city your work with 2Connect has taken you?

Miami Beach–Pre-hurricane season 🙂

Tell a story about something that makes you laugh.

My sister and I practically rolled on the floor with laughter at a funny misstep that my aunt took which propelled her into the bushes while on her cell phone. To this day it still makes me laugh (and cry).

What is your hidden talent?

Hmmmm. I have so many (ha!). I play the piano (not as well as I’d like) and I’m a great fundraiser. I’ve raised or helped raise money for years for my kids, their schools and programs and other non-profits that I’ve been engaged with.

What is your favorite food?

Perfectly cooked salmon.