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my story

Originally hailing from Australia, I love to travel and meet people, which serves me well as a 2Connect Senior Trainer focused on both our national and international clientele. I am enthusiastic about developing successful business strategies and improving organizational development, which is invaluable to our clients who want to strengthen their message and communicate to diverse audiences.

My extensive training in human resources, time management, team building and customer service has taken me around the world, and gave me the skills to successfully help Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu develop the world’s largest business development program. I’ve worked to reimagine workshop curriculum for human resources departments, including Caterpillar, Samsung and McDonnell Douglas.

Along with my work with 2Connect, I am an adjunct professor at my alma-mater, the Joan B Kroc School of Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego where I received a master’s degree in Conflict Management and Resolution.  I leverage my strong mediation and negotiation skills as I prepare executives for high stakes board meetings, investor presentations and consult on the communication strategies for product launches, organizational change, and in-tact team program adoption.


Favorite city your work with 2Connect has taken you?

Berlin and definitely Shanghai.  Both great work experiences and also fabulous cities to explore.

Tell a story about something that makes you laugh.

We all have a good laugh sometimes at our fumbles in different cultures, like our different takes on what we consider normal, everyday in the US compared to Europe or parts of Asia. I have a story of one of my participants pulling out his phone in the middle of his own presentation to check on WeChat.  I guess he thought his own material wasn’t that interesting either.

What is your hidden talent?

Still looking for it. The few talents I have are certainly out there at this point.

What is your favorite food?

When it comes down to it I will go for vegetarian Indian food over almost anything else.  Or fresh mangoes and anything my mum makes gets on that list!