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my story

As 2Connect’s Regional Director of Training and Coaching Services, I am 2Connect’s management and development superstar. I manage client accounts while designing and delivering 2Connect’s unique programs. Drawing from my time as a training consultant for small and large organizations, I assist in creating enrichment programs to support the ongoing performance and success of 2Connect’s stellar trainers. My years of experience gives me the unique ability to successfully manage both 2Connect’s trainers and our diverse, international clientele.


Favorite city your work with 2Connect has taken you?

Ashridge House outside of London – historic, beautiful and fun

Tell a story about something that makes you laugh.

When you know people so well, you can laugh about their quirks. Or reverse that, when people know you so well and make light of how you do things.

What is your hidden talent?


If you weren’t a training professional, what would you be?

Undercover CIA agent. I think my family is really happy I’m a training professional.