Q & A: From the Boardroom to the Dining Room

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you know what that means – delicious food, quality time with family, and the potentially uncomfortable “Q&A” session with relatives. But fear not! Your professional skills are here to save the day. Let’s hit on the art of handling uncomfortable questions at the Thanksgiving table and how it mirrors your well-honed skills in the professional world.

1. Embrace the Pause Button: In the corporate world, we’ve all heard about the power of the pause to collect our thoughts before responding. Same is true at the Thanksgiving table. Don’t rush to fill the void. Take a deep breath, and remember, silence can be golden. When Aunt Mildred asks about your love life, a well-timed pause can work wonders to calm emotions and provide time to organize your tactful response. Just like in your presentation, control the tempo!

2. Redirect the Conversation: From board meetings to project meetings, we often need to steer the conversation back to the meeting objective. Apply this skill at the family table to turn a politically charged question into a conversation about your brother-in-law’s amazing turkey roasting techniques. Redirect like a pro!

3. The Power of Diplomacy: At work, diplomacy is key to smooth interactions. You’ve mastered it there, now apply it at Thanksgiving. When Uncle Bob starts discussing something controversial, channel your inner diplomat. Suggest that it would be better to address that topic at another time. Trust us, your other family members will thank you.

Fortunately, the skills you’ve developed in the professional world can be your secret weapon this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re answering tough questions in the boardroom or at the dinner table, you’ve got this!

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with laughter, love, and strategically answered questions. For more info on managing Q&A in your
professional world, contact Abby at .

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