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Presenting Virtually

Goodbye crickets. Hello engagement.
There is a better way to connect virtually.

Shine in a virtual world

The virtual communication challenge is real. How do you connect, cut through, and get results when presenting ideas or leading meetings virtually? The answers might surprise you. In our years of experience coaching virtual presenters, here is what we have learned:

What works in-person is that much more important virtually (put your skills on steroids)

When you master the few additional key strategies that engage virtual audiences, you’re golden

The technology can be intimidating… until you learn the few, critical go-to troubleshooting tips

We have been doing this for years.
You know how they say, be prepared for the unexpected?

We got you

Virtual program options


Small groups of 4 to 5 participants get individualized feedback from peers and a 2Connect coach. Programs include opportunities to practice real-world presentations, be video recorded (where applicable), and apply what you learn in real-time.

Provides the essentials to create and deliver a compelling virtual presentation

Learn what it takes to facilitate virtual meetings that others want to attend and lead to results

Get your personal virtual environment set up for success – from camera and lighting to background so that you can show up professionally

Large Group

These 60 – 90-minute, hands-on sessions for groups of 10 are perfect for teams that want to up their virtual game. Whether leading meetings or delivering presentations, these spotlight modules shine a light on the critical elements required to engaging a virtual audience.

Focused on answering, How do you engage in a virtual environment? (Hint – it starts well before you launch the meeting)

Simple troubleshooting techniques and practical backup plans for the virtual presenter

The essential aspects of camera presence and delivery to ensure you are building the right connection

One-on-one coaching

Our coaching provides individualized support to meet each participant’s unique needs. With the migration to a virtual environment, these 1:1 sessions are great as a quick, flexible form of coaching support or as a follow up to a group training. 

Ready to shine virtually?
Reach out and we will get you stared