Curb the Forgetting Curve – Extend the Learning Journey

Have you ever left a presentation, meeting, or webinar with your head full of new facts and information but in mere hours, find yourself struggling to recall what you have learned?

You’re not alone. The forgetting curve is real. Some studies suggest that humans forget approximately 50% of new information within an hour of learning it.

Creating an extended learning journey increases your audience’s likelihood of absorbing and applying concepts introduced during training.

To help “Curb the Curve” and ensure what you have presented sticks, consider taking a page from a trainer’s playbook by extending your audience’s learning journey beyond one touchpoint. Check out these tips we pulled together from Leo Learning to jump-start your learning journey. 

Communication is Key

Set participants up for success. To help them prepare, send out a training overview, outline expectations, and highlight the intended outcome of the session. Use a tool like a pre-assessment survey to help you meet them where they’re at.

Participate & Practice

Give your audience a starring role. Provide plenty of opportunities for application and practice. For better retention, be sure to share real-world, relevant, and relatable examples through the power of storytelling.

Create a Learning Culture

To make sure the lessons from training stick, set up multiple touchpoints. These could include individual coaching sessions, prompts to access training materials asynchronously, or providing time for small group check-ins.

Feedback & Evaluations

Evaluating performance can go both ways – it’s important to both seek feedback for opportunities to improve your blended learning journey, but also to provide feedback to participants on the application of concepts introduced in the training.

How is 2Connect creating extended learning journeys? We are embracing new learning techniques to create a more interactive experience than ever before. 2Connect’s Kristy Pepple is all about sharing what we have learned and how we partner with our clients to support extended learning efforts. Shoot her an email with your questions – .

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