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Dread presentations? Don’t get the engagement you want?
We get it.
2Connect is here to help.

Get ready to connect with confidence.

Three Keys To Connect

We’ve done the research. Here’s what we’ve learned about what audiences want in a presentation.


A good story

Every presentation–no matter how technical or data driven–is a story waiting to be told. 2Connect shows you how to find that story so that your message is easily understood, remembered, and acted upon.


Less is more

Audiences can get overwhelmed with information, so it’s important to understand what’s most relevant to them. 2Connect helps you streamline your content to provide the right amount of information for the needs of your audience.


More human…less PowerPoint

Audiences want you to play the leading role in your presentation and your slides to take a supporting role. 2Connect shows you how to confidently and authentically embrace center stage to deliver captivating messages that influence.

The 2Connect Difference

Every program offered by 2Connect creates opportunities for participants to practice their newly-learned strategies, receive actionable feedback, observe their peers, and provide constructive feedback to others. And have some fun along the way.

You don’t improve your ability to create and deliver compelling presentations by just talking about it. You do it through:




Wondering when the next public workshop is?

We thought so. Here they are:

  • Date
    • Thu

      Present to Influence: Offered in a virtual format!

      08:30 am to 12:30 pm

      2Connect’s flagship program is now offered remotely.

      This hands-on workshop provides the practice and structured feedback you are looking for but from the comfort of your home or office.  This is a great option if you need to present virtually or aren’t in the San Diego area.

    • Wed

      Present and Engage Virtually

      8:30am to 12:30pm

      2Connect’s remotely delivered Present and Engage Virtually helps presenters prepare for, navigate and embrace the virtual presentation landscape. The outcome - engaging virtual meetings delivered with confidence. This program allows individuals to apply strategies to an upcoming virtual presentation. We ask participants to participate via video conferencing for the entire session. This allows each participant to engage with their colleagues and the trainer while practicing and receiving feedback.

    • Tue

      Present to Influence (One-Day Version)

      8:00am to 5:00 pm

      Ensure your message is being heard. This small group, hands-on workshop provides a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills and ensure that you and your message stand out.

      Interested? Send your inquiries to Catriona Breider at to learn more.

      San Diego, CA
    • Wed

      Communicate with Purpose

      08:30 am to 12:30 pm

      In an increasingly noisy landscape, it is critically important that information is shared in a way that is clearly heard, and well understood so that action can be taken. Whether presenting to senior leadership or having 1:1 meetings with a key stakeholder, it is imperative that you express yourself clearly, and can guide conversations towards a recommended action or decision.

      Interested? Send your inquiries to Catriona Breider at to learn more.

      San Diego, CA

    My executive mentee needed help in projecting clearly and confidently when addressing audiences. [After he worked with a 2Connect trainer] He demonstrated a significant improvement in executive presence with greater clarity and confidence which was underpinned by advance preparation to organize the sequence of topics and comments.

    This all resulted in a well organized delivery which was easily understood and very effective. [The] 2Connect trainer was very professional and thorough, providing ample opportunities to ask questions, give feedback and receive progress updates.  I have already recommended this firm to professional colleagues to address any future communications training needs.

    Tony Rodríguez
    Director of Fli ‘79 Princeton Alumni Mentoring Program
    Princeton University