Have a Recommendation? Here's how to Sell It.

When you’re making a recommendation, particularly to the executive team, you don’t have time to dilly dally. You need to get to your point, and fast. And, you need to do so in a way that influences.

This is often where we see our clients at a standstill. They have great ideas, but no clear strategy for how to share them.

The result is decision makers aren’t impressed and great ideas stay just that – an idea. So, how can you present your recommendation in a way that is to the point, and provides them the information they need to feel confident about the decision?

It’s all about how you frame your message.

Answering these four questions upfront will help you provide what decision makers want…and fast:

1. Share the context

What is the background that everyone can agree on? This helps you start in agreeance.

2. Identify the snag

What is the problem that needs to be addressed? This helps focus the discussion on that key issue.

3. Describe the “so what”

What’s the big deal TO THEM if the problem isn’t addressed? This is what will motivate them to act. (Don’t assume they know this already!)

4. Share your solution

What is the high-level recommendation you are offering? You can go into more detail later. Just provide the headline here.

Packaging your recommendation in this format, right up front, will help decision makers quickly understand the issue, why it’s important to address, and how you propose to move forward.

Next step? Provide compelling and relevant supporting data to further support your recommendation.


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