How Surfing Can Help Your Presentation

Summer is approaching, and like our Trainers, you may be eager to hit the waves. But before you grab your surfboard and venture into the ocean, here’s a question for you:

What do surfing and presenting have in common?

The position of your feet matter.

For surfing, this means making sure your feet are centered along the width of the board, allowing you to maneuver and ride the waves with balance, control, and style.

For presenting, a similar approach applies:

  • Placing feet shoulder-width apart grounds you. This can lead to less fidgeting and will allow you to stand tall and confident as you present.
  • Pointing toes towards the audience conveys openness and demonstrates that you are focused on them. As a result, your audience feels important and connected to you.
  • Distributing balance equally across both feet, with your hips centered over your body, means that you can more easily engage your core as you present. This allows you to project deep from your gut, increasing your vocal presence and ability to engage the crowd.

Whether you are looking to hang ten on the surfboard, or get a perfect ten on your next presentation – how you use your feet makes a difference. Stand and take notice.

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