IRS and Presentations? There is a link!

This week, I had to get out the checkbook to make that dreaded annual IRS payment. It probably comes as no surprise, I wrote the check for the amount I owe – nothing more and nothing less. The same principle holds true for effective presentations – give your audience only what they need – nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, the challenge in presentations is you don’t always get that slip of paper telling you exactly what your audience needs.

To help, here are four things we know audiences would put on that slip of paper if they could:


  • Get to know me! Think about what I really need to know and give a lot of thought to what I don’t need to know. Hint: I don’t need to know everything you know.
  • Give me one message to remember. More than that and I will forget it. I promise.
  • Support your message—but do it in an organized manner. Three compelling items is more than enough. And make sure they are all relevant to me and your message.
  • Enough with the PowerPoint. I look forward to hearing what you have to say so limit the PowerPoint. One slide for every 2-3 minutes of talk time is more than enough. Or just chuck the slides all together. That would be refreshing.

Want to be in good standing with the IRS and your audience? Use that slip of paper to give them exactly want they want.

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