Make Your Message Stick

Chip and Dan Heath, the authors of Made to Stick, created the “SUCCES” formula for communicating. Here at 2Connect, we find this formula translates well to the formal presentation setting. Using this formula, answer the questions considering your next presentation and you’ll be sure it’s SUCCESsful!



What is the core message of your presentation, in a concrete, single short sentence?


What can you highlight that is surprising and unexpected about your message?


Are there any abstract aspects to what you’re communicating? How can you make those more concrete?


What are some specific details you can share that build the story’s credibility?


How can you tie your message to what the audience values on an emotional level?


Is there a specific story you can emphasis that illustrates your message to bring it to life for your audience?

If you’re like us, you know reading a book can only get you so far. We have to be able to apply the formulas and concepts we read about to our own communication setting.  Take a moment now and try to apply this to your next presentation and let us know how it goes.

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