Every Presentation Does Not Require PowerPoint

Can you imagine Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous oration, “I have a dream,” highlighted in PowerPoint?

Many compelling messages get lost in translation to PowerPoint. Why then, do so many of today’s presenters assume that PowerPoint will improve their presentation? A few factors contribute to its overuse.

First, PowerPoint has become the norm. It’s natural for presenters to want to fit in. Yet presenters should seek ways to differentiate their message. Using as ubiquitous a tool as PowerPoint is not always conducive to that.

Second, PowerPoint is easy to use. We can capture, animate and make last minute changes with dispatch. Unfortunately, this capability can prove deadly when it comes to connecting with an audience.

Presenters should ask themselves a few advance questions: “Does this presentation truly need PowerPoint? Will it help me connect with my audience? Will it help me better communicate my message? Would a flipchart or white board better illustrate my points?”

Asking these questions will likely cause you to leave the laptop at home and realize that no supporting role is needed.

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