Practice Makes Permanent

Picture this: You attended a 2Connect training or coaching and learned valuable strategies to help improve your presentations. You practiced structuring your messaging with clarity, understanding your audience, and fine-tuning your delivery. But then life got in the way and some of those communication skills began to fall by the wayside.   

How can you make sure what you learned sticks?

One easy way to reinforce some of your 2Connect learnings is to use a feature in PowerPoint called Speaker Coach (click here to learn more).

While it can’t replace a real 2Connect coach, this tool allows you to record yourself and offers suggestions on how to limit filler words, vary your pace, and adjust your pitch. It also detects informal speech, euphemisms, wordiness, and even culturally sensitive terms.

Try it out next time you’re practicing for a presentation to make sure you sound polished and professional.

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