Technical Presentations are No Joke!

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, we thought that we would approach our monthly tip a little differently.  Take a look at this short, technical presentation that is sure to get you chuckling…

10 Ways to Lose Your Audience with Your Presentation

This video may be a joke, but the reality that technical presentations are missing the mark every day is no joke.  If you should decide that you WANT TO lose your audience with your next technical — or non-technical — presentation, here are ten ways to accomplish the goal:

  1. Just wing it — Don’t prepare. Don’t practice.
  2. Never consider what your audience knows or really needs to know.
  3. Make it all about the data.
  4. Don’t spell out the bottom line of your presentation up front.
  5. Don’t clarify why the audience should care.
  6. Don’t clarify what you want the audience to do with your information.
  7. Use technical jargon and never define your terms.
  8. Move from point to point without clear transitions.
  9. Focus on the body of the presentation, neglecting the opening and the closing.
  10. Don’t give your audience the opportunity to ask questions.
On a serious note…

Technical presentations are part of everyday business.  They also have the potential to highlight your leadership, contributions and ideas.  Don’t let a bad technical presentation happen to you. Consider one of our presentation skills for technical presenters programs for your organization.  In the meantime, you can apply one simple tip today: Begin with the End, because no presenter really intends to lose their audience.

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