Use these 3 Secrets to Improve your Facilitation Skills

It has been estimated that people spend approximately 2-3 days of their work week in meetings. That is a lot of time and dollars!

How can you set those meetings up for success and ensure that you lead meaningful, outcome-focused discussion?

The key is to be an effective facilitator. 

Our previous newsletter offered proven tips to make your meetings more effective. But if you are looking for a deeper dive in the art of facilitating discussions, then the strategies we outline below may be just what you are looking for. And while these strategies are designed with a trainer or meeting lead in mind, you may find you can pull on them during the holiday season to help get that conversation going around the Thanksgiving table!

Effective facilitation comes down to three strategies to engage your audience and ensure results.

1) Participants want a story… so structure your message as you would a story (with a beginning, middle, and end), and set the context upfront so that your audience knows what’s coming.

Ask yourself: What’s the main take away (moral) I want to share from the meeting? Why would this matter to the attendees? What do I want the outcome of this meeting to be? 

2) Less facilitates more… so talk less and use questions to stimulate discussion and interaction from all.

Ask yourself: How can I use open-ended questions to drive conversation that is meaningful and productive? How can I encourage everyone to participate through my verbal and nonverbal cues?

3) Environment matters… so create one that encourages the dialogue and outcome you are after. 

Ask yourself: How can I ensure the environment promotes a safe place to interact, provide suggestions and counter suggestions?

These tips will help you facilitate discussions that have impact and achieve results. And if these strategies come in handy over the holidays too… you’re welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving from 2Connect!

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