Virtual Conference Presentations

Virtual conferences have been rising in popularity for years, but now and for the foreseeable future, they have become a necessity. Although experts are saying they will not replace in-person conferences all together, virtual conferences are here to stay.

2Connect has attended our fair share of virtual conferences over the last couple of months, and we can’t help but notice that presenters are struggling. As a virtual presenter, you lose factors like the ability to interact in the moment, or get real time feedback. Do not let that discourage you.

We are here to share guidance for when you find yourself hosting or speaking at a virtual conference.

  • Create shifts for the audience. Think about breaking your content into 2-3 minute segments. 
  • Build in visual variety by using more slides – but effectively. Here are some guidelines to follow: simple, one main message per slide, minimal text, and incorporate images whenever possible.
  • Encourage engagement. A phrase like “You might want to write this down” or “Imagine if you experienced” will help your audience connect in the moment. 

Virtual presentations ARE different – but they are still presentations. Whether you are presenting at a large virtual conference, or to a small team, use the strategies above and you will shine. 

Interested in learning more about 2Connect’s virtual conference coaching? Click here and send us a note. We are happy to help! 

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