Architectural Firm Ends Seven-Pitch Losing Streak


Davy Architecture had lost seven presentation interviews for potential contracts before they decided to call 2Connect. Davy Architecture hoped that improving the quality of their presentations would help turn things around. After working with 2Connect, Davy Architecture not only ended its losing streak, they were awarded the next four projects they interviewed for.


Client Challenge

Presentations haven’t always been an issue for the Davy Architecture team. The firm has been in business for over thirty years and is a very well regarded architectural firm in San Diego. However, more and more projects were going to other firms – seven in a row to be exact.

“That is when my patience grew very thin,” said founder Eric Davy. “After all, we had been doing this for thirty plus years and are about as good as there is in our profession, so why is it that we weren’t getting hired?”

2Connect’s Solution

Provide a customized coaching program for Eric and his presentation team. During the coaching process, 2Connect identified some critical gaps in their approach. The biggest one? Losing sight of audience’s needs.  Based on that, 2Connect helped the team:

  • Get into the audience’s shoes and look at the presentation from their viewpoint
  • Crystallize an overarching message that would resonate with their audience
  • Intentionally streamline content by asking questions such as: So why did you just say that? Why was that important? Why does that matter?

“This whole notion of putting yourself in the position of the audience was invaluable,” Davy shared. “Being able to sound and look convincing is one thing, but actually delivering the correct message and the message that the audience wants to hear, the information they are seeking to extract from you, that’s a whole other story. We were not any good at that at all.”

Client Results

The results were better than they could have ever imagined. Results that hadn’t happened in thirty years.

  • First interview following the coaching – Davy Architecture was awarded the project
  • Two subsequent interviews – Davy Architecture ranked first in both interviews, even when competing with seven of the best architectural firms in the city.
  • Two months later – Davy Architecture had an almost identical experience, ranking first from five firms that presented.

“If you stack this investment up against the cost of putting a proposal together, and the time of the individuals involved, it dwarfs the coaching fee. Quite honestly, when you look at the big picture… and when you look at the returns, the investment gets into that category of priceless.”

Hearing Eric Davy’s enthusiasm reminds us that connecting with our target audience never gets old, especially when it means making the sale.

Listen to what Rick has to say in his own words:

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