A Technical Presenter’s Journey to an Inspirational Keynote


Cristina Amorim, an engineer by training, was asked to deliver a keynote address at the Society of Women Engineers’ Annual Conference (SWE). The conference leadership team shared that Cristina delivered one of the best keynote addresses in the organization’s history and participants tweeted and re-tweeted takeaways from her message hundreds of times during the conference.


Client Challenge

Presentations haven’t always come easily for Cristina. Not only did she have to overcome a language barrier, she also had to overcome the challenge of taking highly technical data and making it relevant for her non-technical audiences she often presented to. She remembers a time presenting to executive leadership about funding her initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of her company. She walked out empty handed. Why? As her finance partner shared with her, “You stood there and talked about carbon the whole time. Never once did you talk about return on investment or dollar savings. That’s what this audience cares about.”

Cristina’s experience sheds light on a common challenge that technical presenters can face when presenting to a business audience — not making their data relevant to their audiences. Specifically, at SWE, Cristina was challenged to:

  • Have a clear and relevant message
  • Be memorable
  • Encourage a young workforce to take action
  • Be as engaging as the previous year’s keynote speaker – a female astronaut!

2Connect’s Solution

Cristina has worked with 2Connect in varying capacities for many years. And the moment she found out she would be the keynote speaker, Cristina knew she would need help creating and delivering a memorable message from the stage. During the coaching, the focus was on:

  • Anchoring the presentation around a single message
  • Making the content relevant by answering questions such as, What’s important to this audience?, How will the audience welcome or not welcome the information?, How is the audience going to best receive this idea?, How do we make it meaningful to them?
  • Incorporating compelling stories to make the content vivid and memorable
  • How to cut the fluff

Client Results

The results were clear:

  • Hundreds of tweets with the exact messages she wanted remembered were shared and circulated repeatedly during and after the conference
  • And hearing that her keynote was one of the best in the organization’s history was certainly rewarding as well

“I wanted to be memorable… repeatable. I wanted to leave a message for all of these young engineers entering the workforce,” Cristina shared. “And it worked. All technical presenters can benefit from working with 2Connect and if they are not, they are missing out.”

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