Diving Into Deliberate Practice     

Practice makes permanent for most presenters. When you practice your presentation beforehand, the goal is to learn and improve through repetition. But how do you know if you are practicing in a way that will make you better?

Deliberate practice is a unique type of practice that is geared towards improving performance. Instead of mindlessly repeating the task at hand, deliberate practice goes a step further and requires you to focus your attention on how you can improve. By practicing purposefully, you can catch mistakes before they become a habit.

Whether you look to 2Connect to help with deliberate practice or take it on yourself, keep in mind what research tells us. According to Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool in the book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, there are 5 principles you should follow to perfect your practice:   

The Five Principles

              1. Get outside your comfort zone
              2. Build on an existing skill foundation
              3. Have well defined & specific goals
              4. Receive feedback and immediately modify efforts in response to feedback
              5. Have practice be overseen by an expert (like 2Connect)

Before your next big presentation, we challenge you to try practicing deliberately. 

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