Improve Your Vocal Presence    

Have you ever listened to a presentation and found it impossible to pay attention to the speaker? There are many reasons this might occur, but one big factor is the speaker’s vocal presence.

Vocal presence is the use of voice tone, color, and richness to complement other non-verbal cues in communicating a message. When it’s your turn to be a speaker, consider the following tips to keep your audience engaged.

  • Use the full range of your voice. Vary your intonation, volume, and pitch. Try raising or lowering your voice an octave if you speak too high or low.
  • Avoid upspeak. A rising inflection at the end of your sentences takes away from your credibility as a speaker when you sound like you’re asking a question instead of communicating an idea.
  • Slow Down. Take time to pause, enunciate, and gauge your audience’s reaction.
  • Avoid superlatives. Phrases like “the best” or “you’ll be amazed” can become noise to your audience and distract from your message.
  • Practice voice exercises. Strengthen your vocal muscles by picking a poem or short story to recite and practice projecting your voice, maintaining a good pace and energy.

Using these tips will help keep your audience engaged and make sure your vocal delivery has a positive impact. Remember, change takes time. Keep practicing and soon you will command the room like a pro!

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