Let’s Speak Up & Stand Out

For many of us, speaking up in a meeting may be a source of anxiety or stress. We may struggle knowing when to interject a new idea, respectfully disagree with someone, or even have confidence in our expertise.

However, learning to use our voice in meetings can ultimately lead to both personal and professional growth. By overcoming our fear and speaking up, we can make valuable contributions, build stronger relationships, and help drive the results we want.

The next time you hesitate to share your ideas in meetings, consider the following strategies:

1. Practice beforehand:

Try rehearsing your ideas or talking points before the meeting to help you feel more prepared and confident.

2. Start with a question:

Begin by asking a question or seeking clarification on a topic. This can help you engage with the conversation and build your confidence to contribute your own ideas.

3. Speak up early:

Consider contributing your ideas early in the meeting before nerves have a chance to build.

4. Start small:

Begin by making small contributions to the discussion and gradually increase your participation as you become more comfortable.

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