Presenting from Good to Great

When it comes to improving our presentation skills, receiving feedback is a game-changer. Feedback is the true catalyst for improvement, and helps us become more self-aware, reinforces positive habits, and encourages growth where needed. Seeking input from others can be scary, but it’s the only way to go from being a good presenter to a great one.

At 2Connect, feedback is at the heart of what we do. Every training and coaching incorporates feedback to help facilitate development in a safe and constructive environment. We also help our participants understand how to ask for input from others since the key to actionable feedback is in asking the right questions.

After your next presentation, try asking for feedback by using these tips:

Be Specific:

Instead of asking general questions like, “How did I do?” or “What did you think?”, focus on specific aspects of your presentation that you want feedback on. For example, ask about the clarity of your message, the effectiveness of your visual aids, or the engagement level of your delivery.

Request Examples:

To gain deeper insights, ask for specific examples where your presentation was particularly effective or could have been improved. By understanding specific moments that resonated or fell short, you can identify patterns and make meaningful changes.

Remember, feedback is a gift. Each time you receive feedback, you unlock the potential for growth. 

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