Ready to Present In Person Again?

Delivering a virtual presentation has a lot of advantages. You have many tools at your disposal to rely on as you present, such as notes, an agenda, or even a script. You may have mastered multiple platforms, know how to engage a virtual audience, and have adapted your delivery to show up well on screen. But are you prepared to present in person again?

To help get your head back in the game, consider these tips:

  1. Practice as if – make sure to practice the same way you would present. Instead of sitting at your computer, stand up, project your voice and work on interacting with your visual aids
  2. Leverage eye contact – take advantage of no longer having to look into a camera. Individual eye contact can elevate your audience rapport while building trust and credibility. 
  3. Move with purpose – capitalize on the power of gestures and movement. Try walking from one side to the other as you shift topics or after asking a rhetorical question

For many people, the thought of going back to delivering presentations in person has them feeling a little out of sorts. Fortunately, 2Connect can help you adapt to live presentations again and get your confidence back.

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