Shine on the Big Stage

Conference season is upon us. Which means that many of our clients will soon be on the Big Stage – virtually that is.

So how do you prepare to be on stage in our new virtual world?

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. One of the biggest differences between the physical and virtual stage is that now your audience can “leave” with a simple click of a button.

Because of this, we need to put engagement strategies on steroids. Here are just two to help you engage from start to finish. 

Start strong. We know, “Hi my name is Joe and I am please to be here” won’t cut it. Consider concisely answering these questions in your opening:

  • Pull them in by answering – How can you engage them from the start? Try starting with a compelling statistic, a story or showing the headline of a relevant and timely article.
  • Give them a reason to stay by answering – Why should your audience care about your topic? Don’t assume they know how your topic will benefit them.
  • Let them know how to listen by answering – What action do you want your audience to take?  Maybe you want them to use a new process, revisit their quarterly goals, take on a new initiative, etc.

Help your audience engage physically and mentally throughout. Consider statements like:

  • “You might want to write this down…”
  • “On the next slide there are 3 possible outcomes. Pick the one you think will have the most impact…”
  • “Imagine if you experienced this. How would you react?”

Virtual audiences are distracted. You know, you’ve been there. But paying attention to a few key strategies can help you stay center stage.

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