In Memoriam: 5 Lessons from Steve Jobs' Famous "How to Live Before You Die" Speech

We’ve all witnessed the high-impact, visually stimulating, and engaging Steve Jobs’ presentations of years past.  Steve Jobs’ world-famous product release presentations are still influencing presenters who want to exude the “It” factor when presenting and who covet their audience’s undivided … READ MORE

The It Factor: How to Improve Executive Presence During a Presentation

What comes to your mind when you hear the term, The It Factor?

Think back to a recent presentation, when the presenter commanded the room and the audience’s attention.  Someone who made you want to listen and learn more.  Someone


Don't Let Your Virtual Presentations Inspire This Reaction

Think about the last virtual presentation you attended as an audience member. Did it engage you or did it become background noise as you checked your inbox?

Or worse yet, did it inspire the reaction you see here?

If you