Light Up Your Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have increased for over 54% of professionals so far in 2022 (pumble). Considering that increase, now is a good time to check in on how we’re showing up on screen. We want to create an environment that makes it easy for our audience to pay attention and follow along.

By spending some time on our lighting, we can ensure that we’re showing up professionally on screen and making it easy for our audience to hear our message. 

Consider the following refresher for creating a well-lit virtual set up.

1. Use your brightness settings. 

With the new addition to Teams, you can now adjust your brightness in all three of these platforms: Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet. This feature is found under ‘video settings’ and allows you to either manually change your brightness or choose an automatic feature that adjusts the lighting for you. It can be especially helpful if you don’t have access to additional lighting.

2. Avoid shadows on your face.

Make sure your light source is coming from in front of you. If your set up is near a window, try re-positioning your desk so the window is in front of your screen. You can also place lamps or a ring light in front of your computer to help soften the light on your face.

3. Eliminate glass glare.

If you wear glasses, Try moving your light source so that it’s angled above your head height, preferably 5-8 feet off the ground. It’s helpful if you can position two light sources in front of your computer on both sides of the camera. You can also make your space as bright as possible to help offset any glare on screen.

Small changes can make a big impact on screen. Adjusting your lighting, even slightly, will help you show up professionally and allows your audience to focus on your message- not your lighting. Use the above tips to ensure the one who shines during your meeting.

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