Executive Presence – The “It” Factor

Executive Presence

“…Leadership presence is not a personality trait. It’s a skill that anyone can learn”. – BetterUp

We know when delivering a high-stakes presentation or meeting, it is important to show up professionally and with purpose. But what exactly

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Curb the Forgetting Curve – Extend the Learning Journey

Have you ever left a presentation, meeting, or webinar with your head full of new facts and information but in mere hours, find yourself struggling to recall what you have learned?

You’re not alone. The forgetting curve is real. Some

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Virtual Conference Presentations

Virtual conferences have been rising in popularity for years, but now and for the foreseeable future, they have become a necessity. Although experts are saying they will not replace in-person conferences all together, virtual conferences are here to stay.



3 Strategies to Bring Good Luck to any Presentation


It’s not luck that turns the Chicago River green each year on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day – it’s a crew of 6 people, 2 boats, 3 flour sifters and 40 pounds of environmentally-friendly orange powder.

As Benjamin Franklin


3 Quick Fright-Busting Presentation Tips

11327967516_c4d4211aa8_bEver visited a haunted house, watched a horror flick, or read a Stephen King novel? Being scared is big business this time of year. While we might seek a bit of Halloween-inspired fear, it’s no fun to feel scared when